Being Mobile

We have dreams. We want to travel and explore this world. We refuse to get comfortable. A few years ago, we experienced a physical set back when Paul was unable to walk for several months due to his back. He had hurt it to the point where his legs would give out and even simple mobility was compromised. We needed to install a portable wheelchair ramp and considered getting an electric motor scooter. Luckily, he was able to regain motion in both his legs and is better health than ever. However, this experience taught us how quickly things can change.

Being prepared for all eventualities means we need to be aware that anything can happen. One of things we have learned by watching our parents age is that mobility can change from one day to the next. A fall can result in a broken bone or hurt back. Yes, medical science can fix us up but that loss of independence can hurt our self-esteem. We plan to keep our independence with Pride Mobility. Whether we purchase one of the scooters from the wide array of Pride models while working hard to regain mobility, we are aware that our independence is crucial for our mental well-being.

Over the years we have seen our family members lose their spark after a fall. They have done what they could with physical therapy, used walkers and canes, but even those means of getting around limit their ability to be with the family if they go out. A travel scooter would have easily fit on the back of the car and given them the freedom of being with us when we went shopping. An adult electric scooter would have made a big difference in their lives and subsequent depression from loss of independence.

All of these experiences serve to prepare us for the future. It prepares us on how to deal with our parent’s or other family member loss of independence. It prepares us to deal with this loss by addressing it quickly. We know we can help them with power lift chairs and scooters. We can openly discuss how they feel about the loss of independence and how we all can help them with it.

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