Being Happy

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Puppies make people happy unless they are evil killer puppies from hell.

What is the foundation of being happy?

What makes a person happy?

Is there a common understanding of what happy is?

That is the confusing part of happiness; we really don’t agree on what it is. The reason is that we have been taught that happiness is an elusive ideal that is only felt in brief bursts. We are taught that happiness is a goal, not a destination.

The truth is that this is wrong. Completely wrong!

Happiness is a way of being. Happiness is a choice one makes every moment of every day.

Let’s face it; it is very easy to get upset during the course of a day. Whether you are cut off while driving or someone forgets to put toilet paper in the bathroom or your husband forgets to rinse a dish or your wife expects you to remember to rinse a dish- life is full of triggers. A trigger is that thing that happens that makes you snap. It is the feeling of exhaustion as you sit in your seat on a plane and you hear a child screaming right behind you. SNAP, and there goes any hope of happy for the time being.

Happiness is a way of being much like choosing to be a vegetarian. Every meal is a choice of a burger or a salad. Happiness is the same. You become mindful of the choices. You become very aware of how responsible you are for your own joy. You are the master of your emotions and you decide if a rainy day will be sad. Even in the face of tragedy, you can choose to be happy and reframe the misery to something uplifting and empowering. It is a choice to move forward and be present all in one.

So, what makes you happy and keeps you happy?

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  • My friends and I have a special bond over the color yellow – and when any of us are having a bad day, we intentionally seek out something yellow and send a picture of it to each other. It is such a small thing, but it changes the whole mood of the day.

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