Being Beautiful Forever

There is no reason to try to look older. Time will handle that for you. As people that have seen almost a half of a century, we know what it is like to look back as well as look forward. The ending events of your senior year are one of the first real times that you experience this. Of all of the festivities, prom is one that spans time. It is a celebration of the past, a singularity of your present self, and a memory that will shared over and over in your lifetime.


To give you an idea of what we mean, we took a look at the prom dresses on and asked ourselves whether or not these dresses are something that a young woman will be proud to wear now as well as share photos thirty years in the future. Understand that your life is not a fixed moment in time. Prom will be magical but you will have so many more amazing events in your lifetime. Your self-esteem and your personality need to show in what you wear and it needs to translate into the future. Your future self will have her own self-image and will want to hear her children and grandchildren tell her how beautiful she was.

The dress that called to us was a classic chiffon. It is appropriate for an emerging adult, has style at works for today, and will translate through time. Like looking at Elizabeth Taylor in the past, chose your dress by asking if the dress would work in the fifties, sixties, and the 2100’s. That is the definition of true elegance and will maintain your beauty throughout time.

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