Becoming An Egg Donor

Lee and I were an infertile couple until… we weren’t. We did the routine. There were many doctor appointments, hormones, and injections. We had false positive on the pregnancy tests almost every month. It took its toll on us. We decided to stop right before in-vitro treatment mainly because of the price. We can delve into all of the horrible parts of infertility but, as you know, our story has a happy ending. We have three children that are all kinds of amazing.

We applaud people that make happy endings for others. If you can become an egg donor today then please do because becoming an egg donor can give a person or couple the family that they so desire. Look at the government statistics on infertility and you will see how many people need a hero. Imagine being in a constant state of hope. Hope is a double edged sword. It can keep you going while you have it but it can be devastating when you lose it. By becoming an egg donor, you can keep hope alive.

It never occurred to us that we would not be able to have a baby the old fashioned way. Then, we it was explained, we felt that it was our duty, or maybe our burden, to survive all of the hardship that comes with infertility and prove ourselves worthy of being parents. That is the pattern of parenthood when you start with infertility. So Lee and I are promoting hope because our dream of a family did finally come true.

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