Banana Boat And The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

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Last summer, we moved from Miami Florida to Southern California. Miami is a place of sun and heat. For me, it was miserable. Being outside was torture. The only time I would go outside is in the evening when the sun went down because being in the heat and humidity is one thing, burning the sun is quite another and both were horrible. None of the members of my family enjoyed that weather.

Now we live in Big Bear, California. The weather here in the past year has been warm, then cold, then snow, then cold and now warm. I see the lake from my window every day. We go for walks everyday under a sunny, cloud-free sky. The temperature? 75 degrees with 0% humidity. We eat our dinner on the deck. We play catch in the afternoon sun. We have gone from virtual hermits to outdoorsy people! Last weekend for Father’s Day, we spent the day near the lake playing catch, having a picnic, fishing and enjoying the fresh mountain air.

In the high altitude, sunscreen is imperative. With less atmosphere the UV rays are stronger while the temperature is so pleasant, you don’t feel the heat on you. Banana Boat Natural Reflect SunScreen Lotion has become a morning ritual before we begin our days. With an SPF of 50, I know my family is protected from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

What I appreciate is that Banana Boat Natural Reflect SunScreen Lotion is oxybenzone, PABA and paraben free and uses 100% naturally-sourced mineral sunscreen. My kids can use it daily. Being able to play outside and feel protected from the sun’s rays is fantastic.

So come and join 101 Days of Summer Play. Go outside. Have fun in the sun and feel protected. This summer, go outside with your family and create some lasting memories. Go to Banana Boats Facebook page and take the pledge to enjoy fun outdoor fun with your family every day, all summer long. Each pledge taken will trigger a donation of one bottle of sunscreen to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp – a nonprofit organization that provides camp experiences for children coping with cancer and other serious illnesses. Readers can pledge at the Banana Boat® brand Facebook page! You will also find a great summer activity guide for some fun under the sun.

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