Aveeno On My Face.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Dad Central Consulting for AVEENO. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I have sensitive skin to the point that I grew a beard so that I didn’t need to shave so much. So now I only shave once a week. When I do shave, I just suck it up, assuming that it is going to burn no matter what I do. So when Aveeno sent me shaving stuff for men, I was happy but skeptical.


As a daddy, I already knew about Aveeno because of their baby line of products. If one of my kids had diaper rash, a run in with poison ivy, or any type of itchy skin, we went to Aveeno. Generally, it was the oatmeal baths since all of my kids love baths. We could dump a package into the tub and the kids would be delighted to play while their ailment went away.

So I said yes to Aveeno because I knew them, not because of the beautification part. Besides being a dad, the other thing that you need to know about me is that I am a man. Not a heavily testosteroned male with excess hair but the geeky monotone type of dude. I know nothing about fashion. My crayon box only had 6 colors. I could not tell you the difference between aquamarine and indigo to save my life. (Yes, I had to ask Lee to give me those two color examples.) So skin care products are not my specialty.

When Aveeno sent me Shaving Gel, After-Shave Lotion, and Men’s Face Wash, I said “neat” because I like getting stuff but really had no idea what I got. Lee and our 20 year old daughter said “Awesome. That is really good.” And proceeded to open, smell, and feel the products. (I think that they are going to use it on their legs. So much for Men’s products.)

I tried the shaving gel and even I was able to feel the difference. Even with the same crappy razor, it did not burn. The after-shave has no fragrance. I did not know that after-shave came without some artificial alcohol smell. It was more like a moisturizer than after-shave as I know it. I am currently scheduling an in-service presented by my wife and daughter entitled The Difference Between Face Wash And Soap: Why Exfoliate?

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