Salonpas And Paul’s Sore 50 Year Old Muscles

As Paul approaches his 50th birthday, the thoughts of gifts to commemorate this auspicious birthday are occupying much of our time. This past year has been one of transformation and changes both physically and emotionally. His training for American Ninja Warrior has him doing things he never thought possible. At the same time, the sore muscles and occasional strains are an inevitability. Thank goodness Salonpas sent us a whole box of their different products to try out.

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Sol Republic Giveaway

The following is a back to school post about head phones and a speaker system so cool you think you are living in the future.

If you are like us, you just realized that you have to get your kids ready for school. If you are exactly like us, you have one in College, one in 5th grade and the other in 2nd. The little ones need the basic stuff: new backpack, pencils, markers and crayons, all of which will be lost in a month. However, for our college kid who goes to school 3000 miles away and lives in a dorm, her needs are very different. Sure, she may need pencils but she can buy those herself. What then is imperative for your college kid’s back to school supplies? MUSIC!

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