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The Census just came out with the first report which examines and details marriage, divorce and widowhood among Americans ages 15 and older, using data from the 2009 American Community Survey (ACS). The numbers are shocking. Not that we didn’t know that divorce rates were high or that marriage is different throughout the country. The numbers indicate that people who life in the South get divorced on average more than in the Northeast. In fact, states like Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee ranked above average in term of the amount of divorces. Whereas Northeastern states like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York saw fewer divorces than the American average which is approximately 10 percent of Americans.

Now, we don’t really have time to discuss statistics but these numbers are really telling. First of all, the numbers we all know are that 50% of all marriages fail. This is not to be confused with 10% of Americans are divorced. That number is calculated from strict census numbers. In other words, out of every single American, 10% of them are divorced, which makes the South numbers so interesting. The question comes down to this: why would we see more divorce in the Bible Belt? Why, in the states that are ranked as some of the most conservative in the union (according to Gallup- do we see such a disregard for the sanctity of marriage?

Maybe you see where we’re going here. It’s not coincidental that those who scream louder about protecting marriage are in fact those who treat marriage like a casual acquaintance. These states would also rank high in hypocrisy and downright bigotry. It is disgusting that these states hide behind Jesus and the Bible as the authority as to what defines marriage and yet they have no respect for the institution as evidenced by these numbers. The Bible thumper force marriage onto children and encourage serial marriages to maintain an air of civility. Marriage is a choice and a commitment, not a status or a shield from judgmental eyes at is in the South.

The reality is that the Northeast has less divorce because they treat marriage as a solemn act that should not be entered into lightly. They delay marriages in those states and the average age of first marriages is in their late 20s and early 30s. While in the South, the average age is so skewed that they have had to lower the age from 18 to 15 on the Census. What the hell is a 15 year old doing getting married? We’ll tell you what they are doing. They are being forced into a commitment by parents who are afraid of God’s wrath. So little Peggy Sue and Jimmy Bob are screwing around, better get them hitched before God sends locusts or even worse, social workers.

Divorce is a simple act of paperwork, much like marriage for these people.

As a married couple who believes in Happily Ever After, the Sanctity of Marriage, the beauty of committing oneself to another, these numbers sadden us. Marriage is a gift that should be shared with all consenting adults not an exclusive privilege. It is utterly grotesque that anyone would legislate love of any kind. This is why we can never allow people with bastardized views of marriage to dictate how all of us get to live. Fight the conservative agenda of legislating love and marriage. Fight the brainwashing techniques of these people who try to scare us in thinking that Kindergarten will be the new Gay/Lesbian indoctrination camps (Fair Act sliming campaign). And, ultimately, love whom you want. Be faithful and committed and show the South how it’s really done.

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