Angry Chris

          Today in the United States, we celebrate our independence. However, on ‘Chris and Kate’, Chris is still firmly stuck in his addiction, Kate. This week we have taken apart each episode of the webseries and trained our relationship stupidity laser beam on them. What we see is that Chris and Kate are like a lot of couples out there. What we see is that Chris has drowned in Kate and she is emotionally stunted by childhood sexual abuse. Like we said, there isn’t much difference from your ordinary couples.

          Lee says: In today’s episode, Chris discusses the anniversaries that Kate referred to yesterday. One thing that is noticeably different in this episode is anger. Chris had showed little emotion before and was completely oblivious to being used or abused. Here we see him showing annoyance at what can be described as class differences. This is not a new nuance for him since he did refer to not having ‘chamomile’ tea in the first episode.

          So what’s the big deal? Why the need to point out the tea or his reference to the linens and plates in this episode? Simple, he believes Kate is better than him. He feels lucky to have someone like Kate. I hate to cast aspersions on porn actors but how low of a human being do you need to be to think that someone who takes it up the ass on film by a stranger is so much better than you? Chris does not feel worthy of Kate and it seems she believes the same thing. Regardless of her chosen profession, Chris’ provincial, everyday man is who he is. He isn’t stupid but apparently knows his place.

          This is where the therapist in me gets all excited and wonders if the monarchy has something more to do with this. As a therapist in the United States, most Universities stress the importance of cultural sensitivity when working with a client. In Chris case, I must look at where he is from to determine if some of his emotional dysfunction is a question of trauma, poor choices or cultural indoctrination. In this case, his low self esteem is a combination of culture and poor boundaries. Since his father is a sofa maker (who isn’t afraid to fire his own son) I can infer from this that his father was probably extremely strict and authoritarian. Chris has never stood up to his father and my guess is that he has never stood up to anyone. His self esteem is the product of never stretching his wings and a belief that people are better than him.

          I feel sorry for both of them really. Most couples tend to piss me off especially when they are obviously so wrong for each other. This isn’t a couple. It is two people who live together in separate realities. I wish this series great success as well as the Director, Chris Purnell, and actors, Chris Condie and Donna Griffin. I wish them bountiful attention, good opportunities and great reviews. Mostly I wish for them healthy loving relationships and to use ‘Chris and Kate’ as a cautionary tale to ‘what not to do’ in making future romantic decisions.

          Paul says: What I need to know is what is his anniversary wish? I have an excellent imagination but I cannot think of anything sexual that a porn star would not do. This leads me to believe that his wish is something more romantic and characteristic of his dysfunction. He probably popped the question or, at a minimum, asked her to move in with him.

          Something that you need to know about me is that I am a ‘happy ending’ kind of guy. I don’t do dark. I like Princess Bride types of endings where the guy gets the girl and everyone lives happily ever after. Oddly, I do not feel that this webseries is going to end with enlightenment and flowers for our unhappy couple. I do firmly believe that real people can (and do) change, sometimes for the better. That being said, I am looking forward to watching as Chris and Kate continue to explore their pits of dysfunction and, maybe, find a bit of self awareness in this sewer of a relationship.

          Thank you for letting us watch.

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