An Epic Boogie. No, Wait… Epic And Boogie (And You Can Win A Trip)

We are a family with allergies. There are certain times of the year up here on our mountain that we wish we could live in a bubble. The pollen is so thick we need to wash it off our windows and hose down the house so we can breathe. One of the problems with allergies, especially when they are really awful, is that our noses get sore from the tissues we use. The boys have already boycotted several brands and their sleeves are not a great alternative. This is why Boogie Wipes are a godsend and their Boogie Mist is part of our defense against the dreaded sore noses.

Epic Boogie

Boogie Wipes are especially made with soft tissue and moistened with saline and have a lovely sent to make wiping and blowing your nose a nicer nose experience. They even have Boogie Wipes with Magic Menthol to help with those extra stuffy days. I used the Boogie Mist on my youngest this weekend because he had a stuffy nose and he loved it! He said it made it really easy for him to breathe better and I was happy that I didn’t have to give him OTC medicine to help him out for a simple stuffy nose.

Boogie Wipes is not just for kids. The big kids in this family also suffer from allergies and the soft tissue with saline works perfectly on bigger noses as well.

Right now, Boogie Wipes has teamed up with “Epic” the movie and is offering a trip for 4 to visit the Blue Sky Studios in New York! Go to their site by clicking here and enter for your chance to win a trip for 4 and a 2 night hotel stay along with a studio tour. Now that is an epic trip!

“Epic” is available now on Blue Ray from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment- Own it today!

We loved “Epic” and the boys have watched it a million times since we got it.

The great people at Boogie Wipes sent us some samples and we loved them. No other compensation was given. All opinions, sleeves and noses are ours!

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