All We Need Is Love And Some Cash


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                When did the word commercial become a bad thing? At what age does commercialism take on a villainy that we need to battle? When my kids use the word commercial it is with a glee that is full of hope and some avarice.  It is usually something like ‘I love that commercial’ followed by ‘I want that’. They love commercials and commercialism. Yet somewhere along the line, it becomes some evil monster especially if linked to Christmas.

                Yesterday we listed out some of the reasons people do not like Christmas. Reason 4 on our list but number one for everyone else is that Christmas is too commercial. We are here to say, of course it is. It always has been, so get over it. Let’s review.

                What we celebrate as Christmas has only been around for a century and a half. The whole bit with the carols and trees and poinsettias and gifts didn’t really happen before about the time the Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. The Christmas tree was made popular by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, the same ones that made the white wedding dress trendy. Prince Albert, a German by birth, introduced the Christmas tree to the British and the rest of the Western world.

                Why did this happen, you ask? Because everything this royal pair did was commercial, using the definition ‘suitable or fit for a wide, popular market’. Christmas has always been commercial because it needed to be part of a popular market. Somewhere around the 4th century AD, some religious folks set the date for Christmas. Yes, they pulled out their Dayplanners and said, ‘let’s put it here, I’m free that day’.  Historians are not certain why they picked the date. Isaac Newton thought that it was because it correspondent to the winter solstice. Others think that it coincided with some of the big Roman winter feasts. It may be 9 months after the Annunciation when Mary conceived but the Annunciation was chosen because it corresponded with other pagan holidays.

                Christmas, by design, was created to appeal to the people. Is this bad? No. Recently, millions of dollars have been pumped into our economy to promote Biblical hate and Christian agendas of people who would not know Christ if he bit them on the ass. How much funding has been pumped into anti-gay legislation because there is one obscure verse somewhere in the Bible? The thing is that Christianity has a lot to offer. Love, compassion, giving and charity are all part of the real agenda of Christ and we see this at Christmas time.

                So let’s pump some hard-earned money into making others happy. Let’s cough up some dough to giving. Yes, it is commercial and it should be. Compassion needs to be ‘fit for a wide, popular market’. We know that this is all hippy talk but let love be our commerce. Wouldn’t that be nice? (Insert Beatle’s music here.)

                We would love to hear you sound off on this topic. What do you think? Should we all stop shopping and make our gifts out of popsicle sticks and glitter or should we institute the no sparkly-no battery-no gifty rule?

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