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            Addiction is many things. It is insidious and baffling and destructive. As an addiction professional, I have noticed trends that are quite disturbing. The rise in social drinking is astonishing. Dealing with stress with a “glass of wine” or a cocktail is nothing new but the acceptability of daily usage is far greater than it used to be. To be clear, social drinking is not the issue. The issue comes from using alcohol as a means of dealing with stress instead of actually addressing the stressor. The insidious nature of addiction will have you believing that a little glass of wine or two or three is not a big deal. When you depend on that glass of wine as your only relief from the onslaught of life, then we are in the world of addiction.


Treatment centers that cater to the needs of all forms of addiction are available but not all treatment is created equally. We need to become smarter consumers when it comes to choosing our treatment facilities. For example, New Jersey addiction treatment centers can vary widely. There are N.J. prescription drug abuse treatment centers that deal specifically with that type of addiction and several New Jersey alcohol treatment centers. The importance of asking the right questions when choosing the appropriate treatment for yourself or loved one is in asking the right questions.

NIDA, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, suggests that you ask certain questions deciding on a treatment facility. In following with our original example, ask if the N.J. drug treatment center is using a scientifically established treatment modality. What if you have issues with more than one substance? Does the N.J. drug and alcohol treatment center also address prescription drugs? How long is treatment and will that be enough time to deal with any issue that may arise? What kind of aftercare program do they offer and is a 12 step offered within the program?

Another valuable resource if you are looking for a treatment center is the Advanced Health and Education. There site has lots of resources and information on addiction as well as providing different level of addiction treatment at their facility in New Jersey. An added benefit to this facility is that in their New Jersey Alcohol Treatment Centers, they include alcohol detox along with several other detox facilities.

Addiction is many things. With the help of trained professionals, you can be educated and armed with information to deal with this difficult issue.

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