We write about addiction often. On this subject we have considerable expertise. Lee is an addiction professional. She has certifications and a lot of experience. Even I know my fair share since I did my time running the finances and quality assurance for several addiction facilities. One thing that everyone needs to know when dealing with addiction, whether alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, is that the addict will not quit until they want to quit.

There are some things that help move them in the right direction. Having the opportunity to quit is important. One of the best things that we can do for them is to have the information available.

We looked at the site and liked what we saw. A person can call a counselor for free. That is huge. If an addict can make that step then they are taking the first big step to recovery. The site is interesting because they mix entertainment news, specifically looking at who is in rehab and what they are saying about recovery, and solid opportunities for recovery. Besides the free counselor, they also have addiction referral, motivational content, and some science on addiction and recovery. Every little thing that we can do to help get someone into recovery is a great thing.

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