Dysaffirmation Defined 

A dysaffirmation is a dysfunctional affirmation.  As you know, an affirmation is a phrase, statement or suggestion that is repeated with the intention of making it a reality.  Most people believe affirmations are some new age hocus pocus that is as useful as sea monkeys.  The truth is that there is some serious science behind affirmations and they actually work.   

When we repeat an affirmation we create neural pathways which are like your brains version of a trail.  As we repeat the statements, the neurons fire in certain orders creating a pattern and routine.  As they say, neurons that fire together wire together.  You are literally rewiring your brain! This routine becomes automatic and part of who we are.   


But why a Dysaffirmation?

There are individuals in this world committed to living miserable lives.  In fact most people have areas of their lives that just don’t seem to work.  We create beliefs about ourselves and the world and these beliefs become negative affirmations, or dysaffirmations.  We then rewire our brains and are convinced this is the only way of doing things.  We are doomed!  

We at CoupleDumb are committed to healthy relationships.  The dysaffirmations are funny ways to show that some people really believe these things.  These are what Victor Frankl talked about as paradoxical intentions.  He posited that if we become aware of our dysfunction, we can fix it.  Especially when coming face to face with the absurdity of it.


So you see, dysaffirmations aren’t just funny, they’re good for you too! 


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  • CONGRADS on your book signing and new book coming out. Dysaffirmaiton is great it is so funny I love it can’t wait to read. PS I use to live in Platation so miss it wish we were still there and not in crappy Philadelphia area

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