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Lee and Paul were married in January of 1989 to fanfare and unparalleled snickers of ‘it will never last’. A couple of decades and 3 kids later, they are still going strong. Lee has a doctorate in Psychology and has been a professional psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience working with marriages, families and addiction. Paul is a modern renaissance man who has a bachelor’s in Astrophysics and an MBA with a specialization in Finance, worked in aerospace, taught all the hard subjects you avoided, championed the homeless, CFO’d  several multi-million dollar non-profits and is a noted Finance Writer.  Lee and Paul began writing over a decade ago but nothing you would ever have read unless you work for the government and review grants. They started writing CoupleDumb after having friends ask them for years about their secret to a happy marriage.

Lee and Paul write about relationships and everything that falls within the umbrella of this broad theme. They address mental health issues, addiction, infidelity but also more esoteric topics such as the mind body connection, mindfulness, spirituality, essence and concrete techniques for a happier existence. As the parents of a multiply handicapped child, they are interested in all advocacies for children, the disabled and health care reform. They are also fervent supporters of Marriage Equality and the universal acceptance of love.

Lee and Paul host a weekly podcast called ‘Relationship Rehab’. In May of 2010, Lee and Paul published their book ‘Dysaffirmation: Because this kind of stupid takes work.’ Lee and Paul are available to give their two cents about relationships and are always up on the latest scandals and public faux pas.


  • Margarite

    “One of my biggest issues is that I was born 6 days before Christmas. Unless you have a Christmas birthday, you can’t appreciate how that fucks up a kid.”

    YOU SPEAK TO MY SOUL, this coming from another christmas baby born only seven days before the hoilday season. Great work guys, I am so proud of you!

  • Lori

    fukin brilliant…just like the two of you….( I know I spelled it wrong…but it looks nicer that way!!!)

  • Aidi

    wow! I am so proud to be genetically related to half of this team!!!! you both are brilliant!!!

  • Hector

    I am becoming addicted to this site….I am loving it!!!

  • Chris

    I appreciate your story and your sence of humor. We have also been married since 89 and have 9 kids. I love to hear about other journeys.

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