About the Shelf Bra

This is Paul writing this article. Every so often, as a writer, I need to go out of my comfort zone and write about something that I do not know. Since we write about relationships, I can say that I understand them very well but only from the male side. So, to stretch my writing abilities, I am going to write about womens underwear. No, I have very little direct knowledge about the bra but I can learn. Here it goes.

From watching Lee choose a bra, I have learned that they are both important and unique. Apparently there are a bazzilion types of bras and, for some, it can be very daunting to choose one. Not only do they need to be comfortable but they vary depending on wardrobe and activity.  Now there is a thing call a shelf bra that is designed to have the straps far apart and to have nothing covering the neck line. They call it a shelf bra because it acts like a shelf for your breasts.

The other thing that I have learned is that the bra needs to be both functional and sexy. By functional, I mean that they need to lift the breasts and keep them supported so that they look good and are comfortable for the woman. The sexy part mine annoy some but the fact is that most women wear a bra to look good. Yes, for some it is a physiological function but for most it is a function of aesthetics.

The shelf bra, also call a balcony bra, is good for both formal attire and for business. They are reported to be comfortable and look good for both. By having the wide distance for the straps, they are perfect for whatever the woman needs, whether fancy or business.

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