About Prom Dresses

We cannot talk about relationships without talking about prom. This is the testing ground for dating, love, and possibly heartbreak. In the Western world, we do not have rights of adulthood like they did in the old days. We do not send our boys out into the forest to see if they can survive and presenting our daughters as marring material is something of the past. Prom is a time to try out the big girl shoes, to dress up and be beautiful as an adult. It is our version of a rite of passage.

Princess Line

Picking out a prom dress is where things get tricky. Besides the fact that they can be super expensive, there are a lot of criteria to hit. The dress needs to have a style that matches the young woman, it needs to be sophisticated enough to be adult, and it needs to be sensual without being sexy and killing dad. We have a tendency to default to the classics. We looked at www.jenjenhouse.com to get some ideas.

There is a reason that we chose this dress as our example. It is sensual without being slutty. The off-the-shoulder look is subtle, showing a little flesh without showing the wrong flesh. Also it does not have any ruffles. We are not fans of frills. When our daughter was choosing a prom dress, she would have killed us if we tried to put her under a bunch of layers of fluff.

One of the reasons that a classic dress almost always works is that these dresses are the model which we used to establish this prom ritual. If we see this as a rite then the classic dress is the ritualistic outfit. Tribespeople may paint the face of their soon to be adult. We put ours into dresses and tuxedos.

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