A Wedding Guide By CoupleDumb

          With a divorce rate of 50 percent for first marriages and 70% for second marriages, we have steadily seen the age of first marriages slowly rise while marriages are declining throughout the world. Much is said about the young bride. All the 20 something women go to their local bookstore or newsstands and stock up on the wedding necessities before they embark on the roller coaster of a nightmare called The Wedding Day. Books like The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette are thrown on the counter to be rung up along with the latest copy of Brides, The Knot and Modern Bride. If they are smart, they’ll snag some Godiva chocolate because they will need it if they plan on remembering why they’re going through this in the first place.

          If you Google Wedding Preparation you will come up with over 750,000 possibilities ranging from professional wedding planners to planning guides where you can track your wedding progress on-line. All of these guides stress to make the process fun and participatory. However, we all know what happens, the bride, having secretly trained for this event her entire life, takes the reins and leaves the groom back at the stable sitting quietly in his tux until he says ‘I do’.

          None of this changes when the bride is a little older and wiser either. The average age of a woman celebrating her second marriage is 35. The women and those in their 40s and 50s are all but neglected by the wedding industry. According to the magazines these women should be looking for Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses not the wedding gown. These brides must trod through hundreds of dresses meant for younger women in styles and colors that are either not suited or, perhaps, inappropriate for a more mature wedding party. There is nothing wrong with a 45 year old woman having a white wedding because that is her prerogative however a choice would be nice.

          CoupleDumb is committed to healthy relationships and believes in the institution of marriage. As we begin to explore the possibilities available to us to renew our vows, it has become very obvious that the wedding industry does not cater to people of our age. We have decided to create a comprehensive list of professionals, stores, vendors and locations that are sensitive to the older couple getting ready for their nuptials. We are soliciting pitches for our Wedding Guide.

          Every Monday, we will post some of the professionals that have caught our attention. On June 30, we will put out our Wedding Guide.

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