A Little On Detox

          Lee and I love to write about addictions as any of our readers know. Lee is a substance abuse professional (she actually has papers that say this) and I have worked the other in of substance abuse doing all of the stuff that is needed to make a facility successful and safe. Bottom line is that substance abuse is our thing. So when Blue Water Detox asked us to write something we were delighted.

          So let’s talk about detox. Detoxification as it relates to substance abuse has changed over the years. In the old days, detox was important for heroin users. With most drugs there is both a physical and a psychological component to addiction. With heroin the physical component was so strong that the withdrawal symptoms could be fatal. Even if they were not life threatening, they were so bad that there was no hope of working with the underlying psychological reasons for the use because the client was in a heaping ball of pain and sweat in the corner. So they started to use medical detoxification to make the client more comfortable (and increase survivability).

          Now we know that pretty much any drug needs some type of detox process. Some are longer than others but getting the drug out of the system is good for anyone. Detox for long term alcoholism, for example, is huge. We have seen someone who had been drinking for decades go through detox and come out new. Generally they feel clear and are ready to tackle the reasons for their addiction so that they do not use again.

          All of our readers know our position about addiction. Here it is in a nutshell for those that do not know it: Handle your addiction. All addictions, whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, or sex, are detrimental. You can do something about them so do it.

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