A Letter To Catfishers

Why would someone pretend they are someone else on the internet? What would compel someone to engage in a relationship on-line while lying about who they really are?  CoupleDumb has seen some pretty weird shit in our day but catfishing is not just weird, it is sick. The idea of playing with the feelings of another human being is not new and it was not invented by cyber jerks. People have been doing this since Neanderthals parted their hair to look nice. However, catfishing has brought this horrible practice to a global scale and the deception can go deeper than ever before. However, to be clear, whether you are deceiving a person face to face or virtually, you have some serious mental health issues.

No computer needed

We have written about cyber disinhibiting before and we think this topic warrants a little refresher. Cyber disinhibition is what happens to people when they are using social media which eliminates the visual cues people need to relate. A normal human interaction involves not only the spoken word but the meaning behind the word coupled with the affect (facial expressions) of the person speaking and the reaction of the person receiving the communication. Cyber disinhibition proposes that the lack of receiving the reaction of the receiver allows the person to say whatever they want because they do not have to physically witness the pain they cause.

Catfishers are all about the cyber disinhibition. They are playing a selfish con without any repercussions to themselves. The more insidious part of this game, unlike flamers and trolls who enjoy the fallout and are amused at the reaction to their statements, the catfisher also gains sexual release. This part makes the game very different since the sexual gains also make this practice addictive.

If you are reading this and you practice this form of sick, twisted relationship game, please allow us a dress down on the order of speaking to a Manson family member.

Dear Catfisher or Asshole,

What you do is twisted and playing with the emotions of a person is the lowest form of amusement. If you had a heart, you would understand this. However, since your hypothetical heart is probably shriveled and black, you would not understand that. There is a special ring of hell for you designed by the innocence of all the people who have fallen for this trickery. In this ring you will be given a puppy and when you become attached to it, it will be taken away and its head ripped off. In between puppies, demons will flay your skin and you will be subjected to listen to acid jazz as images of your victims having a wonderful life flash in front of you.

You deserve worse, you pathetic fuck. The only punishment that would fit this crime would be to have someone play with your poor excuse for a heart. Then you will see the inhuman nature of what you did.

Tomorrow- how to spot a catfisher and other helpful hints on not getting hooked.

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