A Beautiful Monday

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          Monday shines like the sliver of light that breaks in to ruin the last moments of deep sleep. In other words, wake up everybody! How was your weekend? Ours was busy as always and bound to get busier. We know we need to take a minute and enjoy life but deadlines are fast approaching and admiring a sunset isn’t going to make this easier. Or is it?

          Lee says: Our society is obsessed with beauty. If the statistics on plastic surgery do not convince you of that then perhaps the plethora of reality show that offer a make-over of some type from clothes to complete body over-hauls will show you that we love to see beauty. However, the eye of the beholder is fickle and while some may think that having lips that mimic plungers or certain fish is gorgeous, there are those of us that find them obscene. There is nothing natural looking about cod gobs. But that is my humble opinion. Your opinions may vary.

          In spite of this, we still are fascinated with beauty to the point where we are willing to butcher our own bodies to attain it. We cut, stretch, and allow doctors to insert foreign substances into us to mold us in ways that God never intended.

          Beauty can be scientifically measured and this understanding has lead to the bastardization of what beauty means. Science has boiled down beauty to be as simple as symmetry. As human beings, we are drawn to all things symmetrical. We absentmindedly stack cans in this manner and even configure our families like this. Most families report having two children and when asked what we want, it is usually ‘a girl and a boy.’ We like creating pairs because the thought of something single or alone is bizarre and clashes with our sense of balance. This is the depth with which we are hard wired to desire symmetry. We don’t notice it but it is there.

          When we look at a face, we subconsciously check to see that all parts are present, even and balanced. When they are not, we say that that person is not ‘good looking’. Ugly is almost a scientific classification. This is not to say that unsymmetrical people are always ugly but these rules do tend to apply particularly to women whereas a man can get away with being interesting.

          Beauty can put people at ease. When we see things that are balanced, for example a landscape, we relax. The large attraction to beautiful scenery is not solely for the mere admiration of something pretty but because we find the pleasant sight soothing. We release some yummy neurochemicals and voila, we are relaxed. It is the one of the healthiest forms of relaxation. We see the pretty stuff, we tend to breathe deeper and steadily, our muscles lose tension and we become relaxed.

          It’s funny how the brain works. It is always trying to fill in the blanks. Whether it absent-mindedly rearranges letters to see the right word or adds a hill here or there to even out the landscape, our brain seeks balance. And it is beautiful to be balanced! So what I am simply saying is use a moisturizer every day. What? You thought I would tell you to breathe in beauty and attain balance? Ha!    

          Paul says: At one point, Elizabeth Taylor was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Find an old picture of her, like one from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, and you will see why. Her face is almost perfectly symmetrical. If you can find a shot of her looking straight at you, cover half with a sheet of paper. Compare one side to the other.

          I do not think that she would have earned that title if both of her eyes were on one side of her face, like a halibut.

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