Pro-Life Is Not Pro Life

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When someone says they are Pro-Choice, it is assumed that they are pro-abortion. The two can be mutually exclusive. However, if you identify yourself as Pro-Life, there are certain understandings that that includes. A person who is Pro-Life believes that life begins at conception and that that life is sacred. They believe that an unborn child is a victim and abortion is murder. They believe that every pregnancy should come to term barring some exceptions for some. The only exceptions that are mentioned are life of the mother and/or rape and incest. What is the most interesting part of the Pro-Life stand is that even though they insist on a woman carrying the baby to term, the Pro-Life movement does not go beyond the womb!

Babies are cute. There is very little in the world that brings a smile to one’s face like seeing a baby. However, babies are like puppies, they may be adorable but who is going to feed, bathe and financially care for their needs. The ASPCA will tell you that most people want a puppy and most dogs that are surrendered at the pound tend to be about a year or two old. People want puppies. This is not unlike the Pro-Life argument. They say they speak for the unborn child but can care less when the child is born. If Pro-Lifers truly believed in the sanctity of life then they would support Planned Parenthood that provides prenatal care for the unborn child. They would support food stamps and welfare that provide the mothers assistance with shelter and proper nutrition for the child. They would support Headstart and even ensure that all children receive an education that would ensure them a shot at life, perhaps better than their parents. They would support higher education programs like Pell Grants and other college programs since education is the number one method of escaping poverty.

While white male politicians argue terms like forcible and legitimate rape, Pro-Life people see no black and white; the child must be born. But like all short sighted decisions based on sanctimonious rhetoric, what about the future of a child born of rape or incest? Does the father have rights to the product of their violence? And how is the mother to raise a child who is a constant reminder of the pain she suffered? Even if the father does not have rights, why is the woman punished by being constantly reminded of what happened to her? Also, if rape and incest are continued to be viewed as illegal and not just another form of conception then you are mandating a single parent home. And, according to Romney, single parent homes create gang members.  Of course, in the ‘puppies are cute’ fantasy of Pro-Lifers, the mother instantly and instinctually bonds and adores the child created out of abuse. Those who live in reality know that that child will be resented by their mothers and family. That child has been condemned to a world that demanded its presence but then turned its back on them.

The reality is that Pro-Life supporters are not Pro-Life at all. They are Pro-Baby. They marvel at the cuteness of a newborn and run away from the bigger picture. A baby to them is like a puppy; very cute but they can’t be bothered with the notion that that puppy will grow up and have real needs. A pregnant woman understands that. A woman who finds herself in the situation of being pregnant without means or opportunity knows that to have that child is to consign it to poverty and struggle for its entire life. Pro-Life supporters believe that a baby deserves a chance at life but then stack the deck against them! They believe an abortion is cruel but they are the torturers.

While Pro-Lifers look at one choice, a pregnant woman looks at a thousand choices. It is easy to take away an option but to not fill that void with programs and monies to safeguard the life of the child is evil. They can go to sleep believing they are protecting life when they are really sentencing an innocent child to a life of nothing.  A baby, just like a puppy, needs a chance at a better life. If they were truly Pro-Life and they get their way in November, they would be preparing the country for a baby boom of damaged children and the streets harkening to some miserable Dickens novel. Alas, that’s what privatized prisons are for.

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