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Every time that I write about jewelry, it reminds me that I want to get Lee some bling. This is not a ‘have to’ situation. I like giving her jewelry. Besides the fact that it looks pretty on her and makes her feel special, it does something for me. Buying jewelry for Lee gives me the ‘big man’ rush. Let’s face it, jewelry can be pricy and it is definitely a luxury item. So buying it sends a message… to me. By getting her something like that, I am telling myself that I am successful and can afford to adore and adorn my wife. Yes, this goes back to some medieval belief system but I never said that I was totally enlightened.

What to buy her is a different question. I can get her something like a Silly Shiny Cocktail Ring but I am never certain about rings. For both of us, our wedding rings are our predominate piece of hand jewelry. Plus for many women, a ring is too linked to weight. They gain weight and the ring is too tight. They lose weight and it falls off. It is like buying a measuring tape with jewels. If you know the ring size then go for it. For me, I would need to measure her fingers at night to be certain of the size.

I like buying necklaces. You cannot go wrong with necklaces. If the size is off, just get a longer chain. No stigma involved. While I was looking at jewelry I thought to myself Infinity Diamond Necklace Silly Shiny I Love it. It has an infinity symbol on it. Our marriage bands are made of conjoining infinity signs. This necklace would match the only piece of jewelry that I know Lee wears on a regular basis. And I would feel like a big man buying it.

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