WTF- Northern Trust

I wasn't invited.

The following is about different types of relationships like the one we have with money or our communities. 

Northern Trust Bank, who recently received 1.6 billion dollars in bail out money, decided to throw a shindig in Los Angeles that lasted three days. The party consisted of 3 separate concerts (Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire and Sheryl Crow) at three separate venues, a golf tournament sponsorship, gifts from Tiffanys, travel and lodging at places like the Beverly Wilshire and the Ritz. They flew 100’s of investors and employees out to L.A. for a great weekend! This little party must have cost them millions. Isn’t that nice? 

WTF!!!!!!!  I understand as a business you want people to feel appreciated but you could have done it in Chicago for millions of dollars less! Your behavior is why we are in the situation we are in. Everybody wants to play fast and loose with other people’s money. Well listen up assholes! I WANT IT BACK!!!!!  As for the big bosses, WTF were you thinking when you were dancing to “Shining Star” and getting fucked up in Santa Monica on my dime?

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