50 Things I have learned in 50 years – Day 7

Over the next 50 days, I will be going over the 50 things that I have learned to make my life awesome. I know people are always doing these but so few of them have a PhD and 25+ years of experience working with human beings on what they want and changing the things they don’t like. Here is my list which will culminate on my 50th birthday.

birthday cake 3


I know you’re thinking, ‘these seem awfully tame for CoupleDumb’. Which brings me to #7.

Everyone has the right to their opinion……but opinions are not all created equally.

Yes, I know, you have the right to say your opinion and disagree with whatever and believe this or that. However, your opinion on a subject matter where there are actual experts like science, unless you have extensive experience or education, does not matter. I would like for all things to be created equally but they are not. Your high school diploma, a brief skimming of a Breitbart article, and a half-ass viewing of a documentary by that Dinesh dipshit does not give you the same gravitas as a scientist who studies psychology or a meteorologist who studies climate or a paleontologist who studies evolution or Neil Degrasse Tyson or even Bill Nye. Nope, sit down and shut up.

Look, this opinion thing is something we tell kids so that they speak up and that is great. When you are older, you should know better. As my Mommy would say, “que sabe el burro de pasta de diente?” Exactly!

Come back for the next 43 days and see what else I have learned.

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