50 Things I have learned in 50 years – Day 41

We are on the final countdown to my 50th birthday! I guess you can say that as I get closer to the day I am overwhelmed by a mix of feelings- excitement, sadness and bit of nausea. I am sharing the lessons I have learned during my 50 years on earth.


I know you’re thinking, ‘What about my relationship with my in-laws?’ Which brings me to #41

You always do your best.

I have to be honest. I don’t have a relationship with my in-laws. At first, I tried. Then, I tried some more. After that, I felt bad. Finally, I let it go. I know me. I am awesome. I am a nice human being and those who do not get that side of me have sucked the nice right out of me (see #13). Since I am introspective and committed to a life where I am not an irresponsible automaton, I analyze my behavior and reactions regularly. After much soul searching, I decided they lost.

With all relationships, you do your best. When that is not appreciated, you need to learn to let it go.

Come back for the next 9 days and see what else I have learned.

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