50 Things I have learned in 50 years – Day 27

There is less than a month until I turn 50. I have been sharing some of the things I have learned over the years the last month (#50until50) and have been surprised with some of them. Why is my list better than someone else’s? Why do I think the lessons I have learned are better than others? Honest answer? I don’t. I am just happy that I have not stayed stagnant and I have committed myself to a well examined life.

kracken cake

I know you’re thinking, ‘What else could you have learned?’ Which brings me to #27

Learn how to bake 1 thing well.

I was never the baker in the family. My Mom’s baking repertoire consists of a flan. I didn’t even have a grandmother who made cookies! Seriously, for such a chubby girl, you would think I had some nice sweets growing up. Nope.

I married a baker. That worked. But it was only recently that I gave it a try. I noticed that my family liked this. There is something loving about bake goods. Unlike a casserole, love goes into a cookie. Unlike a killer sauce, a baked good is infused with something extra.

Maybe it’s the chubby girl talking here but try this. Flour is cheap but your love is priceless.

Come back for the next 23 days and see what else I have learned.

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