50 Things I have learned in 50 years – Day 19

Over the next 50 days, I will be going over the 50 things that I have learned to make my life awesome. I know people are always doing these but so few of them have a PhD and 25+ years of experience working with human beings on what they want and changing the things they don’t like. Here is my list which will culminate on my 50th birthday.


I know you’re thinking, ‘What have you learned about life?’ Which brings me to #19

Feelings are not facts…..but they can tell you where to start looking.

With the world sitting around waiting to get offended by someone saying something stupid, I have learned that reacting is not necessarily the reason for the hurt. We react when things affect us as if to say, ‘ouch!’ However, the point is not to cry foul but to look inside and see why we are in pain. The feeling is the physical manifestation of the emotion and the emotion may get mixed up from guilt or shame and sadness or anger. So, before you go all halfcocked, ask yourself, ‘am I offended or am I feeling guilty?’ You will be surprised how often we make the mistake of reacting with outrage when we are actually hiding our shame.

Come back for the next 31 days and see what else I have learned.

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