50 Things I have learned in 50 years – Day 12

Over the next 50 days, I will be going over the 50 things that I have learned to make my life awesome. I know people are always doing these but so few of them have a PhD and 25+ years of experience working with human beings on what they want and changing the things they don’t like. Here is my list which will culminate on my 50th birthday.


It’s a To-Go box. Get it?

I know you’re thinking, ‘What have you learned about life?’ Which brings me to #12.

I love everyone…..I just don’t have to like everyone.

There is a difference between loving a human being and liking that person. I accept your right to your existence and honor your humanity. I just don’t need to like you and I really don’t need to be around you.

Namaste. Go with God. Just do it far away from me.

Come back for the next 38 days and see what else I have learned.

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