5 things women don’t understand about guys

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We are debating how to start this post out. We can say that, because of our belief in gender equality, this is the follow up to what Lee wrote yesterday. Or we can go with ‘Bitches be whack’ which speaks better to Paul’s central core of manhood. You make the call.

1. Sex is everything.

While they pulled women out of 5th grade gym to start them on a path of wedding planning , boys were thinking about sex. We were fantasying about putting our man muscle into any orifice that would have it. This is not to say that men need to cheat or, for that matter, have multiple partners. Sex with one woman is fine as long as we get to have a lot of it.

2. We fall in love first.

Maybe it is because women understand their emotions that they actually think about them. Men don’t. When we fall in love, it hits us hard and fast. This goes back to our caveman days. I like woman. I want woman. I take woman.

3. Just because we can’t name our emotions does not mean we do not have them.

Men are not socialized to name emotions. That does not mean that we are Mr. Spock clones (I wish). We have emotions. We feel the emotions and, because nobody ever taught us how to deal with our emotions, we do like any child would. We tantrum.

4. Men are doers.

We do. We fix. That is what we are good at. The smartest thing that Lee ever said was ‘I need you to listen. Don’t try to fix it, just listen’. This was great because it gave me something to do. I listened. This is the problem with the scenario where the wife tells about her day and the husband does not care. She wants someone to listen and he is looking for something to fix.

5. We communicate pretty well.

Contrary to popular media, men are good communicators. Since even the most enlightened of us still have a Lancelot core in which it is our sworn duty to care for our damsel, if you tell us what you want, you will probably get it. Remember that we missed the lesson on emotions, so we learned to communicate the core of our being in memo format.

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