5 Things Guys Don’t Get About Women

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Some bozo said a long time ago that men were from a certain planet and women from another. He talked about how men needed space and that women needed to shut up and give it them. CoupleDumb has, on many occasions, shared our opinion of this theory which is easily summarized in one word: Bullshit! However, there are certain things guys just don’t get about women and it is our job as THE RELATIONSHIP BLOG to set them straight:

1. The Wedding Ring is not all we want:

Sure, most women would like to marry and settle down. In fact I will go further and say that most of us think about a future with a partner quite frequently in our adolescence. But, that isn’t it! We don’t think that the ring and big white dress is akin to spiking the ball. We want a partner. We want someone to cuddle at night. We want someone to kill the big cockroach that we imagined seeing. We want someone who will share our dreams. That isn’t so far off from what men want (maybe without the cockroach killing). Is it?

2. Women Want Sex:

Men are under this impression that women don’t like sex as much as a man. Men buy into this absurd urban legend that a woman just doesn’t care about an orgasm after she’s had kids. Wrong! The thing is gentlemen, women are less aroused visually and more aroused through fantasy. When you are tired and covered in bodily fluids your mind rarely wanders to Alonso whisking you up from this hell hole and taking you repeatedly until you are both exhausted. Rested, we are different animals all together. Now, if we are relaxed and stress free, and we still don’t want to be with you, then there is a big problem. Romance is overrated if you have a dirty mind and a way with words.

3. That thing about a woman’s prerogative is true:

Women change their minds. That is a scientific fact. You can blame hormones but the reality is that we were not socialized to position ourselves like boys were. A man is considered soft, wishy-washy and less than manly if he changes his mind. A woman is wise and considerate if she changes her mind. Sure, you will come up against some women who are like bull terriers on a steak when it comes to some issue or another but on other issues she will act like most of us. We allow ourselves to evolve and change. And yes, being hormonal can do a big number on what you think is real and what reality is.

4. Not all women play games:

Yeah, a lot of us do, but, a lot of us don’t. Tears are not always shed to win a fight or to manipulate- sometimes we shed them because we are very sad. To assume ulterior motives when you see emotions just shows your incredible ignorance. Compassion and tenderness will take you further with a woman than paranoia and accusations. Here is an idea- how about we all stop playing games.

5. We may seem like superwomen but…

We are socialized to schedule, nurture, plan, steer the boat and make the sandwiches. Yes, we can do it all but we really don’t want to. If we see that you are unable to carry your load we will take it from you. A families health, well being and progress is a direct reflection of a woman’s efforts, according to the crap we were taught. This is why we fantasize about a partner who will help us with this monumental task. Bringing home a paycheck is not enough. Oh, and guys, you can do all that too but it would be icky for some of you, right? God Bless the evolved man!

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