5 reasons Boys are better than Girls

 Wow, nice sweater.

          Much has been said. Mud has been slung. Ultimately, the men bow their heads and say nothing to their competition. Why? Because everyone knows that women will start crying and then they become even more incomprehensible. Men are better than women in every way. They just keep it quiet because, let’s face it, it’s safer to let the women think they won.

          5. Men can pee anywhere.

          This may not seem like a big deal because you’re reading this at work or at home, where a toilet is only a few feet away. Now imagine yourself on the road, the woods, the Gobi Desert and you have to pee. Sure there are women who have no issue peeing in nature but these are the exceptions and generally considered freaks. There is also the benefit of being able to sign your name without using a pen that women would never understand.

          4. We don’t require romance to be ready to have sex.

          I’m not saying that men do not like romance. Of course, we love romance. To be clear, we don’t need it. We are like sexual Porsches; 0 to ready in 6 seconds. Foreplay is fun but it‘s like an appetizer, the opening act to the main course. Also, if you find that you are watching your weight, you just want to get to the entrée, which will consist of meat and a lot of it.

            3. We have spatial abilities.

          Ladies, have you ever tried to pack a car and found you run out of room? That doesn’t happen to men because we have a sixth sense to packing things. We watch Hoarders and mentally repack the overwhelmed dwellings. This is what we do. This also helps us conceptualize how much work something is, such as yard work, so that we avoid it. It’s a gift. Of course, an added benefit is that we are stronger therefore can cram things in when things get tight. See number 4.

          2. We are patient.

          Women use to live on average 5-7 years longer than men. Today, that number is less than 2 years. We have discovered that the less we hear, the healthier we become. We avoid stress. We tune out nagging. We forget our shortcomings. Every day is like a clean slate. Whereas women are taking responsibility for almost everything, men are ‘reluctantly’ letting go of some. It’s a ploy. We’re wearing you down.

          1. Men will take credit for women’s work.

          This is why we are better. Men will always take credit wherever they can. Like this post. Lee nagged Paul to write it and he played the man and kept putting it off until she, exasperated, wrote it herself in his voice. He took credit for this post masterpiece and Lee will let him because she isn’t here to win a skirmish, but the war.

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