Chris Brown is a punk ass bitch.

I'm going to beat you like you owe me money

I'm going to beat you like you owe me money

In my previous incarnation, I was a psychotherapist who worked with all sorts of populations.  I worked with domestic violence for 6 years. Not the victims, the perpetrators. I would sit in a group room with 12-15 guys and talk about how they beat up their significant other. I was professional, compassionate and, when needed, I was a fearless female Chuck Norris. I learned so much during that time and the following is a result of this.

          Celebrities are no different than us. They have all the same faults and foibles regular people have. I harbor no illusions that they are not allowed these problems.  However, when a celebrity is a punk ass bitch like Chris Brown who, at the tender age of 19, is already facing domestic violence charges then my hackles go up and I yell FOUL!  Here is a kid who has enjoyed success and has been considered a hell of a role model for kids. Now he has entered the O.J. Simpson Ring of Hell where he will remain forever more.

          This boy has claimed that he witnessed his mother being abused for 6 years of his life. He stated that he saw his mother being beaten, threatened and generally terrorized from the age of 7 to 13. Because of this, he felt that he has treated women differently. By differently he meant that he learned more effective ways of bashing in a face and dodging responsibility.

          The beating took place in Los Angles which is famous for its police officers being bad asses. The police called Rihanna’s injuries “horrific”. Now, I don’t know about you but my experience with L.A. police is that they don’t tend to get all colorful when describing things. These are people who witness death and injury almost every day on the job. This is Los Angeles, folks – not Mayberry. I grew up in the mean streets of that town (O.K., not true. I grew up in Torrance which is in L.A. County and we saw the news.) and these guys see horrific and majorly fucked up scenes on a daily basis. 

          Some of the saddest part of this is the reaction from other celebrities and general public. People, listen to me now – Rihanna was not asking for it, pushing him to do it and this isn’t just a private matter. Any of you who have this opinion are deluded and probably victims or witnesses of domestic violence yourselves. I am a loud mouth bitch and I can tell you I have never hoped my words would get the snot punched out of me.  Anyone who resorts to violence is little-minded and usually has a sense of entitlement that supersedes societies accepted behavioral norms. These people need serious intervention and your mom and pastor aren’t gonna cut it, Chris! You need a no-shit therapist who will do some therapy with you and metaphorically kick the ever living, self-entitled shit out of you!  For fuck sake you beat her down, bloodied her nose, left 2 contusions on her forehead and bit her!!

          Yesterday, Chris Brown finally issued a statement. I will not call it an apology because he is only stating that he is sorry for what “transpired” and making sure that we know that all the stories out there are wrong. Listen Chris, I realize you are really a little boy playing big man in the big bad world but let me clue you into some things. Boys shouldn’t be hitting girls (and girls should not be hitting boys). No one can provoke you unless you want them to. Hitting someone does not make you a stud. It ultimately makes you inmate #3478. Anyone who defends you is not supporting you. Hell, I doubt that they will come to see you on visiting day.

Be a man, Chris, and take some responsibility before the LAPD force feeds it to you.


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