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Daddy holds the key          In response to God Does Not Want Your Cherry, Leah wrote:  “You guys are crazy … but I still love you.  It’s not about making vows or giving your cherry to God … it’s about obedience, period.  The bible says God values obedience more than sacrifice.

Dang … what Catholic school did you guys go to ??????   LOLOLOL Xoxooxoxox”

        We received a lot of feedback regarding this, but Lee and I liked Leah’s the best, not only because she still loves us but because it goes to the one of the core issues of the post.

        This article was about using saddlebacking as a loop hole to the Biblical decree forbidding premarital sex.  I personally find it hard to believe that, at the pearly gates, St. Peter is going to look in his book of sins and say, “Oh, you took it in the bum. You’re fine. Come on in”. I think that that will only work if Bill Clinton gets the post of guardian of heaven.  Please understand that I have only had one sex partner and this was obviously by choice. (No, I had no game but I could have paid for it.) So, we put a lot of stock into thoughtful sexual practices but not because of external rules.

        Which brings me to the idea of obedience.  Since this is a relationship blog and not a theology site, I’m talking only about relationship. If a person seriously believes that it is sanctioned to have anal sex because the Bible, the highest authority in a Christian home, did not specifically say not to, then what kind of relationship does this person have with the lesser rules of man? If these kids, and the parents that condone their behavior, are getting all lawyer on Holy Scripture, what kind of damage will they do to drug use laws, battery, speeding, or theft? 

        My one piece of theology that I do want to say, because I truly believe it, is that God does answer prayers and the answer for these kids should be their parents.

        Lee says: Piggy-backing off Paul (I’m sorry.  I had to say it), I feel passionately about certain topics.  One of them is the education of our children.  In today’s world of fatal STD’s we are no longer afforded the luxury of having our kids learn things in the streets.  This is where this brilliant idea of “saddlebacking” was created.   Unprotected anal sex is something most educated adults avoid due to the high risk nature of it.  We know not to have any kind of sex without a condom!  Have we told our kids this?

        Secondly, it just pisses me off that Christians are pretending to be proactive by doing these ceremonies when what they are really doing is passing the buck and not teaching their kids.  Sure, teach them God’s rules and whatever fits your faith’s framework.  But, at some point you have to butch the fuck up and talk to your kids about sex.   Besides sodomy, or “the evil that must not be named” according to Aquinas, is against God’s law according to the Christian philosophy.  So does the hymen take precedence over the ass? 

        Besides, some of these congregations do a purity ball where daddy and daughter get gussied up and she promises her daddy she won’t give it up until she’s married.  Then they dance and have cake.  Is any other woman completely incensed and grossed out?!  So Daddy holds my virginity until he hands it over to my husband.  Apparently girls are too stupid to wisely manage there hoo hoos.  Thanks Dad, I could have probably lost the dang thing if it weren’t for you!  No, of course there are no incest overtones here.    

        Thirdly, as a psychotherapist, I freak out knowing that this is what girls are doing instead of sex.  Girls are learning that blowing and bending over saves them from hell’s fire.  Can you imagine starting with oral and anal?  We are creating some warped kids here and we wonder where they got this idea.  Wake up people!  Kids will be kids and they will always find a way around the rules.  Paul will kill me but, I would rather my daughter have safe sex then to preserve her virginity while being used as a Chinese handcuff.   

        Paul’s response: Arghhh. (While clutching his chest.)

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  • Gino

    i’ve never heard of anal being santioned by a christian viewpoint at all, or even of kids thinking of it that way,so i dont know where you got that info.
    and the scripture does condemn sodomy,anyway.

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