25 things to do to see your happy 25th Anniversary

Today, CoupleDumb celebrates their 25th Wedding Anniversary! Yes, 25 years ago today, Lee and Paul walked down the aisle, said I will, I will, I do and lived happily ever after. 25 years, 3 kids and lots of stuff later, we are little older, a lot wiser and way more sexy than ever. We figured the best gift we could give our readers is our secrets to success.

Yes, those children are us

Warning: These tips aren’t for everybody, just the sexy people!

1. Never forget you are married

Sometimes we act as if we are alone and every man for themselves. When we forget about our spouses or act without thought of our better half, we belittle our marriages. Your friends, families and others should never be more than your spouse.

2. Stop nagging.

Just stop it. Your spouse is not your child.

3. Start praising

When was the last time you said something nice to your wife/husband? Do it now. Go.

4. Boundaries are your friends.

Yes, there should be boundaries between you and your spouse. There should never be a time when you call each other derogatory names, use violence, betray or disrespect one another. Never. Boundaries are also present between your marriage and the rest of the universe.

5. Never talk smack about your spouse

Never. When you talk to your friends or family about your spouse, you give them permission to do the same.

6. Don’t waste time

Always be the first to make up and never allow anger to fester or be more important than your love.

7. Make everything an adventure

An adventurous spirit makes the most arduous task fun.

8. Never be afraid to change

Change is good. Change is an opportunity.

9. Life is messy. Get dirty.

See #7. Dirty is fun.

10. Laugh together.

If given the choice, laugh. You can focus on the cloud or on the light. Marvel at the awesome. Wonder at the weird. Laugh at the absurd. If we lose it every time things go amiss, you are missing the point. Life ain’t perfect. It is weird. Enjoy.

11. A fondle a day keeps the divorce lawyers away.

At least you will have fun.

12. Let your inner children play together!

Playing is good for your soul. Your inner children need to play or they will get cranky.

13. Don’t let yourself go just because you’re married.

Many couples act like the wedding day is like the big show. Right after, we forget to look good for each other. This does not mean you have to wear a suit or put on makeup every day. However, think of your spouse. Wear the nice panties/underwear. Smell good.

14. Always make your spouse feel wanted.

If your spouse always initiates sex, they never get to experience being wanted or desired. Switch it up.

15. Never allow a momentary lapse to define your entire marriage.

People make mistakes. If anyone deserves forgiveness, it is your spouse. If anyone deserves to release anger, it is you.

16. Your kids should never be an excuse to put your marriage on the back burner

Kids are great but they should never take precedent over your marriage.

17. A date night is never a substitute for daily attention.

Date nights are great but are not a substitute for telling someone you love them every day. It does not feel as good as a kiss or hug.

18. You are not the same people you were when you married.

Every day we change a little. Do not hold someone to a moment in time a long time ago.

19. Being right does not feel better than being happy.

More marriages end because of people committed to being right.

20. Your ability to shift is a far better skill than holding a grudge.

Holding a grudge is only impressive for its stupidity.

21. Don’t listen to negative people.

There are a lot of negative people out there. Avoid them. They think they are helping. They are only interfering. See #4

22. Marriage is not for wimps.

Shit happens. Butch up.

23. Work together to make sense of the senseless.

A skill of happy people is making meaning of adversity. Do it together.

24. Believe in each other.

Be your wife’s/husband’s biggest cheerleader.

25. It gets better.

We can tell you, without a doubt that it gets better. Time is your friend. However, why waste it. Make it better now….together.

So go. Be happy. Send us silver stuff.


  • KatjaPresnal

    Congrats on your wedding anniversary! 15 years here and counting, great tips, and I agree with all of them.

  • Dresden

    HAPPY Anniversary!! You two are such lovely people and it makes me beyond happy to know THIS is what 25 years of awesome love looks like. Congrats, friends!

  • Babypop

    Happy Anniversary We are 20 years living together (15yr since some boat captain signed a paper) I love you # 22.. We have been through our ups and downs and with Illness being a part of our marriage I think it is hard but there is also good I the bad.. so butch up and laugh.   Great post

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