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What a grand Monday morning! We are so excited about this week because we get to team up with some incredible artists. This week we will be training our therapeutic wit on the Webseries ‘Chris and Kate’. Each day we will analyze and discuss one episode. The series was created by Chris Purnell who wrote and directed. The character of Chris is played by Chris Condie and Kate is played by Donna Griffin. ‘Chris and Kate’ is a new webseries about a tumultuous relationship between a Porn Star and her boyfriend. Each episode is short and sweet and done in the style of a video diary. The acting is superb so the only real work to be done here is to analyze these very disturbed individuals.

Lee says:First of all I need to remind our readers that this is a fictionalized relationship and brainchild of Chris Purnell. They exist only in his warped mind. What I loved about the first episode the most was the way that Chris (the character) is a perfect example of a co-dependent person. Sadly, Chris is not by himself in this category and many people may not see the extreme dysfunction in everything he said. So let’s break him down in hopes of shedding some light on some of the behaviors you do to keep you in a crappy relationship.

          Chris starts the episode by mentioning he is doing this video diary and he makes an interesting reference. He compares his diary to an ‘old timey diary for the modern age’. What’s the big deal here? What struck me about this is that people who aren’t bright do not make comparisons especially with a historical feel. Dim people, in general, have difficulty comparing and contrasting. This is a higher level order of thinking than regurgitation of information. I think this point will be important in future episodes.

          The next thing that struck me about Chris was the fact that he told people very little about himself except for the fact that he was ‘made unemployed’ and had worked for his father in a sofa factory. Any information that he offers about himself is said as if things were done to him (irresponsibility) and he had no affect on his own life. He refers to having done stuff while going to actual detail when he referred to Kate. From her appearance when they first met at the age of 9 (heavy makeup, heart tattoo given to her by some rough boys…) to the names of her films. Chris has little personality if not in reference to Kate. This is so significant when we discuss co-dependent behavior.

          Co-dependents tend to co-opt their partners life and personality as their own. Chris is almost a blank slate and Kate gives him a story, meaning and a much needed personality. Call it a psychic spine implant. Chris has no specific personality of his own except for the fact that he has no personality. He mentions her punching him in the face and falling in love (I guess). I realize they were 9 when they met but a punch in the face and split head are the traumas we remember. At the age of 9 to have your ass kicked by a girl must be pretty messed up for a boy.

          So what does this episode say about Kate? Simple, Kate was apparently a promiscuous girl from a young age. She obviously had little parental supervision and was allowed to wear make-up and have boys tattoo her at the age of 9. Can you imagine getting a tramp-stamp before you even got a period? I didn’t get mine until much later (I kid). Kate’s interaction with Chris at this age is probably very indicative of their relationship now. I can see her being abusive, demanding and aloof.

          Chris, if you break up, you can get over this. Unfortunately, you will swim alone for a short time before you find the next shark to stick to. Like a remora, you will subsist of your partners crumbs to piece together a life and ultimately die to the carelessness of your host. So sad. He seemed like a nice guy.  

          Paul says: Ok, I know that Chris is made up but I think we all know this guy. He is the one at the bar and we keep asking him, ‘Dude, why do you keep going back to her?’ and he just shakes his head and says ‘I don’t know’.

          BTW: Yes it is messed up to be beaten up by a girl, thank you very much.



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