CoupleDumb, the Radio Show

Join us today at 5:00pm EST for CoupleDumb, the Radio Show in celebration of Mom’s Nite Out. So, call in to (646) 378-1029 and ask questions or just add your voice to the fun.

And now to introduce our guest panel of Moms:

Aida Reyes-HafnerAida Reyes-Hafner has a diabetic son, who she raised on her own since her ex was a dead beat, who had aspirations of being in films. Now, at 24, he is behind the camera having recently received his Masters in Business Entertainment. Aida is an Educational Psychologist working for the local school district, has a private practice and conducts weekend seminars a couple of times a month. In her spare time she weaves wallets out of spider webs for the poor. Recently remarried, she hopes to have enough time in the next year to learn to play the oboe.

Marylin ReyesMarylin Reyes is the owner /designer for her company JBUG Jewelry Designs based out of Miami, Florida.  She has been creating jewelry for over 18 years. Marylin has always been a very crafty girl and quite skilled with her hands.  Although she was raised in a highly dysfunctional Cuban-American family in California, she attributes her amazing manual dexterity to the three years she spent taking accordion lessons.  She was the only 3rd grader in her class that could crochet, cross-stitch, knit and fill-in for a Polka band. As a happily married mother of 3 under the age 9 she knows how helpful it is to be creative on a daily basis when it comes to her family.

Monica EstevezMonica Estevez was born in Hollywood, California and was raised by wolves but somehow made it through life without too many scratches. She now lives in Hollywood, Florida. As a Cuban-American she prefers the tropical climate and the multi-cultural mix of crazies here and some of her favorite cousins live here too. She currently works at Bonnet House Museum & Gardens as their Marketing Manager. She has been married three and a half years and she and her husband are in the process of fostering/adopting a child.  


Nadine AntoineNadine Antoine is single mother of a beautiful young adolescent girl. Nadine teaches kindergarten and won Teacher of the Year last year and the lesser known distinction of ‘Most Likely to Scare your Child’. Nadine’s educational philosophy is ‘I ain’t your Mommy I’m your Teacher now sit down and listen’. Kids always have an instant reaction to Nadine which looks a whole lot like a deer in the headlights. But, by the end of the school year, those kids leave her knowing that she made an incredible impression on them.  

And calling in as a special guest: 

Mary McCarthyMary McCarthy is a professional writer with 15 years’ experience, primarily in fantastically impressive magazines and newspapers across the fruited plain. Mary writes primarily online, although she’d rather snag a gig as a stripper. She is Home Management Feature Writer for and also writes for and other websites. This month her non-fiction book ‘Adult Halloween Parties’ comes out, and she is currently working on her memoir ‘Why I Can’t Be a Stripper’. Often found hiding in her car drinking Single Barrel Jack Daniels, Mary is a frazzled mom of four on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and it’s the stretch marks from those four that are hampering her stripper dreams.  She’s using the proceeds from her writing to purchase a high quality pole. Her hilarious blog can be found at



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