Moms and Champagne. Bad Combo

 Evil Children are a Mainstay of CoupleDumb

         Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Lee was born in East L.A. and both of us were raised in Southern California so we have a deep appreciation for Mexican food. So take off those ridiculous surgical masks, eat a carnita taco and drink a margarita!

          This is an exciting week for CoupleDumb. We are working diligently to put on our first radio broadcast this Thursday May 7th from 5pm-7pm EST. We are celebrating National Mom’s Nite Out – A Celebration of Motherhood. We have tried to bring together a group of cool Moms who are representative of the kind of Mothers out their; married with kids, single, divorced, adoptive, Moms of kids with special needs and so much more. We are going to be talking CoupleDumb style: honest and to the point. At 5pm EST, the champagne will pop and we will talk.

          We invite you all to call in and talk, hang out or ask questions. Our panel includes psychotherapists, educational psychologist, and early education specialist. Check out our line up on Thursday morning and get ready for some fun and celebrate Moms on Thursday.

          Thursday is also the day that Mom Logic announces the winner of the Mother of all Bloggers.  Lee is a finalist and would appreciate if you took a moment to vote for her by clicking on the Mom Logic badge on the right and scrolling down to the CoupleDumb button. She was chosen based on her post “My M.O.M. Logic” which was posted last 2 weeks ago. If you haven’t read it, read it now. You may want to talk to your Mom this Sunday about how she was a mystery to you. Who knows, maybe she’ll share some of her secrets. 


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