Celebrity Smackdown: The porn industry

Nun porn. Good stuff.

We have been talking about sex this week and nothing can substitute for good sex like a good rant. And this week’s smackdown we are going big. What did you ask? Going after the Pope wasn’t big enough? No. Unfortunately, our subject for this week’s Celebrity Smackdown is bigger than the pontiff and Disney combined. They are constantly pushing people to raise the bar and more is better. That’s right, we are going after the porn industry and God help us if that tape we made 19 years ago ever gets leaked.

What’s wrong with a little porn every now and then? What’s the big deal that we have a multi billion dollar industry objectifying women and reminding you that you are inadequate? What’s the big deal that our kids can’t look up any topic that may have a key word of sex in any form (i.e. Human Sexuality, Sexually Transmitted diseases, Babies Sex…) without being subjected to tits and fellatio? Oh, I don’t know. The porn industry is redefining normal and we are all suffering the consequences.

          Let’s start with the fact that we are assailed by porn at every turn. It is no longer in the backroom of the video store. It is in your face, on your cable/satellite package deal when you sign up and all over the internet. In the old days, or a few years ago, they would actually have an age verification page where you had to take a second and assure them that you were over 18 before you saw anything that was naughty. Today, the pop ups that show up on other pages are dirtier than the actual site! 

          Every film and picture has enhanced females. Suddenly, having a C cup is considered small breasted. The raising of this bar, or cup size, has spawned a new family tradition of getting little Stacy titties for her 16th birthday instead of a car. Women can’t compete anymore with these misshapen females who are so top-heavy they are easily knocked down. Every woman has to rock a set of Double Ds, have a 24 inch waist and be bisexual with hot friends who like to sit around in lingerie and handle dildos.

          Don’t get me wrong, I am not a prude. I have obviously seen more than one film. However, if you liken watching porn to working as an EMT, after a few dozen gross accidents, you get numb. It’s not enough to watch porn where a man and a woman are having sex. If you don’t have three girls, a midget, a one armed man and a goat, you are not satisfied. You become use to the mundane and want exotic. Do you actually think this ends here? Of course not because if that ugly man on the video was able to score a 3 way, so can you! So you ask and cajole your partner who is watching the same films thinking that this kind of sex could be amazing and why not since everybody is doing it…. After your first three way, then where do you go? Back to missionary position with hubby on the weekend?

          We have become numb to sex. The butterflies are gone. We have lost our innocence and the beauty of sharing something beautiful with the one you love. It’s about the score and the wilder the better. They use terms like strengthening the relationship but the truth is you are losing your soul. The porn industry will keep pumping out product and millions will buy it. Hypocrites in Utah, where the majority of internet porn is purchased in the U.S., can pervert themselves in the privacy of their own home. But don’t come crying to me when you feel your sex life isn’t enough for you. Why don’t you use the internet to see where you can rent a goat and a swing?


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