Our business is love…and business is good.

Yes it is!!!

Good Morning CoupleDumb readers! We hope your weekend was restful and you are ready for an exciting week. We were all ready to do a week talking about sex and then had to change our plans when Lee was nominated as the Mother of all Bloggers on Momlogic.com. On Wednesday morning, instead of a Celebrity Smackdown, we will have Lee’s post for the contest ‘What’s your Mom Logic?’. So we’re shaking up the week people! We won’t lose the opportunity on using this shake up to point something out; you need to be flexible and defer to the greater good of the relationship if you want to succeed.

Lee says: One of our first posts back in January (I know it seems like we’ve been doing this for years), was about seeing a relationship as a business arrangement. Paul and I prefer the term Marriage as a Corporation. We aren’t a partnership because even in business terms, a partnership is two individuals making an agreement to work together. We prefer the term corporation because that entity is seen as a group of individuals that are seen as one. The marriage is its own thing. Within a corporation, we make decisions for the betterment of the business. We are stakeholders in this marriage and as such we make decisions to promote, enhance and grow the marriage.

          I realize this is very heavy and technical for a Monday morning so go get a cup of coffee and we’ll wait to continue.  Go ahead and grab a pastry or bagel. We have all day.

          Back to work! Now as a stakeholder for 20 years in this marriage, I can tell you I have never compromised with Paul. Our corporation does not believe in compromise since that means that neither of us will get exactly what we want.  A compromise tends to be some alternate choice that does not satisfy either party’s needs. Sure, there are days, where for the good of the corporation, some needs are deferred to a more appropriate time. An example would be sex (just because we’re saving it for next week, doesn’t mean I can’t mention it now). If one of us is raring to go and the other is tired, it makes little sense to acquiesce to the act just to satisfy one. Instead, the horny one takes the rain check and the tired one rests for the next evenings activities.

          Couples with kids would argue that the pressures of the home, work and children are just too much to maintain a focus on the marriage entity. My response to them is that they have a crappy marriage. Ultimately, you wouldn’t have any of those things without the corporation. A healthy marriage entity makes concessions, creates opportunities and works at building the best corporation they can. The kids and work are just excuses for allowing your responsibility to the corporation to slip. And I strongly believe that a strong corporation makes happy, healthy kids.

          Another good example is this week on CoupleDumb. Why would Paul agree to change up our schedule because I am in a competition? How is this something that will better the corporation? Doesn’t the glory of one stakeholder affect the other? The answer is simple. Happy workers are productive workers. My success is our success. We don’t compete with each other because we see the kudos of one as our own. Competition within a relationship is even more detrimental than infidelity. 

          I am an independent woman who knows that I am at my best with Paul at my side. This corporation is solid and a good investment. And the perks are out of this world.

          Paul says: The return of stockholder equity is exceptional and dividends are paid out regularly. (And we have lots of sex.)


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