Ask questions or face Paul’s wrath

Since we received no questions this week, we figured we would tell you some of the things that are important to us.  But, in order to keep the format and not confuse any of you out there, we’ll write it like a question.  WARNING: We better get some questions for next week or Paul will regale you with his different Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.d-and-d

Gertrude from Idaho had a question:  Hey Lee and Paul, I love your blog.  It gives my life meaning in the middle of this harsh winter.  I was wondering, other than being fabulous, what issues or topics are you passionate about?

Gertrude, thanks for the question.  Paul and I are extremely opinionated, some would argue judgmental, so we have many topics that prick our interest and others that get us ranting.  We will list some of them that are sure to piss off some of our readers.  Here they are:

1.    Equal Rights/Gay Marriage:  Paul and I feel very strongly that all people are created equally.  This includes that little twink wearing the size 1 jeans and the boa or the lovely woman in flannel with the mullet.  They deserve the same rights, respect and protection under the law as any other person on this earth. 

2.    God is not a bigot: Stop pushing your agenda to oppress, hurt, repress, enslave and punish those different than you in the name of God.  Paul and I believe that God is a fat, black lesbian but she loves you anyway. 

3.    Humor is important:  If you immerse yourself in the doom and gloom of the news or the panic of the world, we are all fucked. Lighten up people!  FYI: Perez Hilton, my fellow Cuban American, I love your site and read it like a fiending addict.  However, stop reporting the lay-offs and other shit news of the day.  It’s a bummer and you are feeding the negative energy beast.  I see you as a rainbow beacon of light and it makes the hag in me all atwitter when you do your thing.  Rock on Cubanito!   

4.    Misbehaving children: More specifically, having other people’s children enter our space bubble when we are out.  If you are in a restaurant with your child, make them sit down!  We have 3 kids and they learned early on that that behavior is unacceptable.  They also know that we could live with 2 if they insist on their bad behavior. 

5.    Slow children:  O.K., that sounds bad.   What we mean are those kids who see a car coming and saunter to a side walk, making you stop for them.  We have a group of kids down the street who play basketball and, on a daily basis, we have to stop for those little shits to get out of the way.  Where are there parents?  Why don’t they understand simple physics (two bodies can not occupy the same space)?  Our only satisfaction is that the parents of these children who have been raised to feel the world owes them something, will be lamenting this when these kids never leave home.  


So now you have a glimpse at us.  Did we strike a cord?  Did we piss you off?  Write us.  Comment.  Ask us questions or next week be prepared to hear about how Paul obtained the Wand of Wonder back in 1987 during a two day campaign.  That’s three bags of Doritos and a case of Dr. Pepper to a regular human.

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