WTF of the Week: Attachment is bigger in Texas?


Nikolas Evans, age 21, was in a bar fight in March and spent 2 weeks on life support until Monday when his organs were harvested and he was officially declared dead.  Mommy Evans also requested that his sperm be harvested for future use since she knew her son wanted to have three sons.  He had their names all picked out as well (Hunter, Todd, Van). Mom felt she was honoring his wishes.

Yeah, hmmmm.  Was this really honoring wishes or being attached to the young fantasies of your son?  We have soooooooo many questions regarding this that we can literally envision neglecting our children to write them all (We’re kidding.  We envision neglecting them all the time.)

What woman would want to carry a dead guy’s sperm that she’s never met?

That one’s easy. We have crazy bitches marrying guys in prison.

This Mom has another son.  How does he feel about this?

Don’t they teach kids health in Texas? You know we can’t pick the sex of our kid’s right? What if he would have had a girl?

How fucked up would it be to be one of those Popsicle kids?

Will Mom transfer her attachment of her son to her grandchildren?

Wonder if she will consider carrying the child? 

WTF Honorable Mention: Billy Bob Thornton

How attached to the musician image is this asshole? Don’t mention that you were an actor or an Oscar Winning screen writer.  You are a drummer, singer and unknown cosmic cowboy dickhead who makes Americans look like douche bags. Thanks SlingBlade!   

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