High five to Iowa and a smackdown to the religious right

First the gays then aliens will be marrying our women.

Celebrity Smackdown Wednesday is one of our favorite days to write because it usually comes out as a rant and we find those cathartic and healing.  This week is no different in the rant but the ‘celebrity’ is definitely a stretch.  Let’s just say that April 3, 2009 in Iowa, will be a day that will live in infamy!

          The Iowan Supreme Court upheld a lower courts ruling to strike down a statewide ban of gay marriage stating that they ‘are firmly convinced the exclusion of gay and lesbian people from the institution of civil marriage does not substantially further any important governmental objective.’ There was lots of bitching from religious groups upon hearing this.  Sioux City Bishop R. Walker Nickless said the news was ‘sad and disappointing’ and that ‘It is an attempt to narrow the definition of marriage as secular, subjective and utilitarian. This decision attacks all those couples who believe that their marriages are religious, objective and purposeful.’

          So you’re wondering what this has to do with attachments which is the general them of the week.  It’s simple, beliefs can be attachments.  When you hold on to something so tight and become blind to all else, you are suffering from an attachment.  The reaction of religion in general to gay marriage has been fascinating.  We know that the Church of Latter Day Saints funneled their time and talent and treasure into California’s Proposition 8 election and single handedly made a blue state conservative red.  They had people voting for the sanctity of marriage and the future of their children who would be forced to have gay pride parades every second Tuesday of the month or some other bullshit they invented. 

          The idea that a law permitting gay marriage was somehow going to affect churches was as preposterous as teachers discussing lesbianism in the classroom.  Teachers don’t discuss heterosexuals so why would this open the floodgates to indoctrinate our kids in the homosexual ways.  Everyone knows that’s what happens when they go to sleep away camp and robes are used for the ceremonies.  The arguments put forth from religious and anti gay groups (redundant we know) are as absurd as the things said before blacks were allowed their freedom and women were allowed to vote.  

          Listen up religions, churches and people of faith who believe that if gay people marry then the four horsemen can’t be far behind, wake up and call it what it is: BIGOTRY!  Don’t hide behind God because we agree that he doesn’t make mistakes.  The refusal to allow any group basic rights flies in the very face of what Jesus taught us in Mathew 12:31 ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ You can talk about rules and hide behind your beliefs that have been hand written and honed by old men long gone to this world.  You can squeeze your attachments to your breasts and believe that these will put you on the fast track to heaven.  Or, you can actually read the words of Jesus Christ and love your neighbor and that includes the two dykes with the dogs and great yard next door.


Coming out, in a big way, for equal rights.

If you are a straight couple that believes in equal marriage rights for all then we need your help. A friend of ours is creating a video montage for straight couples to throw their support behind the gay community. Here are the instructions:

STEP ONE: Read the sentences at the bottom and pick your favorite one (or make up a similar one of your own)

STEP TWO: Print it on to a piece of paper either by hand or on your computer and hold it in front of the two of you.

STEP THREE: Take a picture of you two and the paper.

STEP FOUR: Upload it here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2485057099


Potential choices:
‘Straight not narrow’
‘Being a hater doesn’t make you straighter.’
‘Gay marriage doesn’t hurt our marriage.’
‘Our love isn’t a phase either.”
‘Straight & against Prop 8.’
‘Our Love = Their Love’


Thank you.


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