1,000,000 People Who are Committed to Being Happy

 Happiness is saying Boing.

          Last month, we created a Facebook fan page called 1,000,000 People  Who are Committed to Being Happy. It was kind of a social experiment. We figured that there are a million people who love Jesus and a million who support gay marriage and a million who think that Justin Bieber is cute. So finding a million people that are committed to happiness should be easy, right?

          Wrong. Two things happened. First we got a few hundred people that signed up before it fizzled out then we started getting the ‘how can you’ comments.

          With the former, the problem is a fundamental issue of marketing. People see no need to promote something like happiness because they think that it comes naturally, that it is bestowed by heaven. This is essentially untrue. As a matter of fact, this is a Matrix kind of thing where most people are asleep, dreaming of their misery, and it is our job to wake them.

          But the thing that really drove us to action were letters stating, quite directly, that a commitment to happiness was patently immoral. We received emails and comments that said ‘How can we be happy with all of the suffering in the world?’, ‘With the government the way it is, I can’t be happy’, and ‘If you only knew the truth, you wouldn’t be happy either’. It is these people that we want to grab like a hysterical person, slap them a few times while yelling ‘snap out of it’.

          Ultimately, we need to thank the naysayers because they spurred us into action. In the tradition of the wild eyed, crazy haired visionaries before us, we offer (with love, not pipe bombs) our Happiness Manifesto. We call to action all who would oppose the global machine of misery. We commission those who are committed to happiness to build an army of love and overthrow this culture of despair that they have created.

          This week is given over to CoupleDumb’s Happiness Manifesto. Throughout the week, we will break down the components to claiming your happiness and, on Friday, we will roll out the Happiness Manifesto as a whole.

          Are you strong enough to claim your happiness?


  • Miriam Alario

    Go for it… I’m all ears!

  • Oooh…a Manifesto?!? Fanstastico!

    I’m getting all blood-boiling just thinking about the killjoys in our midst. 😉 If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s the person that won’t buck up…blaming everything and everybody for their miseries. And using the boring “I can’t help it”. BLAH.

    Getting that off my chest made me very happy.

  • Happiness, Shmapiness…. what is it really??? Obviously it is so illusive that some of your readers insist it doesn’t exist. I do not concur. I do believe in real JOY! I have felt it and love it. Let’s share it, spread it, make it our mantra. “I am joyous today”! Blessed be!!!

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