10 Ways To Get A Man

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What’s the secret? What are the fabled instructions on some stone tablets found in some cave in the Middle East that have been lost to time? What does a woman have to do, or be, to get the man of her dreams?

CoupleDumb has un-earthed some tablets with ancient writing on them. Luckily, we are fluent in many dead languages. These nuggets of advice have been hidden by tons of sand and a general lack of common sense. So, for the first time in modern history, THE 10 WAYS TO GET A MAN! (#1-3)

1. Make sure what you have to offer is worth a man…

Women are socialized differently. Through our parents, education and media, we get the message that we will be happy when we get a ring on our finger.  Many women have rebuffed this notion. In fact, whereas in the 80s, the number one priority of a single woman was to get married, today’s woman wants a good career! 88% of young single women are not interested in marriage, see it in the future but do not feel that it is necessary.  These are great breakthroughs but the result of this shift is an entire gender with poor socialization as to how to handle relationships. As women, we think our alternative to being altar focused would be to be whores.

Self-worth is a powerful aphrodisiac. A woman who is sure of herself, what she wants and where she wants to go is probably the sexiest thing for a man. If you believe in yourself, maintain your integrity and live your life without regret, you have more than enough to offer a man.

2. Junk in the trunk is one thing but do not haul a trailer…

If there is anything that turns off a man it is a woman with a past. We aren’t talking about being promiscuous. We are talking about women who allow their past to dictate their present. A man broke your heart once and now all men are pigs. You broke up with a guy and have had an on-again off-again affair. This speaks directly to grieving and having closure with people. Move on. New relationships do not need the playback on the bad relationships.

3. Do you know how to shoot straight?

If there is one thing a guy cannot handle it is a girl who plays games. Men are simple in nature and say what they mean and mean what they say. (Unless the guy is a complete pussy and if so, steer clear of him). Women, take a lesson from a man and say exactly what you want, what you need and what you think. Don’t couch it in innuendo, meta-messages and passive aggressiveness. Just say it!  He can’t read your mind so don’t expect him to.

Tomorrow we will unearth more of these pearls. Until then, aloha!


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