10 Ways To Get A Man, Numbers 8 To 10

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On Monday we began to share the age old secrets of how to get the man of your dreams. Yesterday we shared more pearls of wisdom. Today, women are confused. What, there is no magic potion? Hip gyration? Or perhaps, Vulcan vagina grab that will bend a man’s will?

The answer is simply, no.

Yes, we have pulled a fast one on you. There are no simple rules or clever tricks to finding a man. Take a look at what we have written so far and you will see that these are not relationship tricks but attitudes of power and self-effectiveness.

Knowing this, here are the last three steps in our series on THE 10 WAYS TO GET A MAN!

8. Don’t think about it.

You knew we were going to say this. But stop thinking about the pink elephant. There is a huge difference between ‘I need a man’ and ‘I am ready for a man’. Can you see the difference? If you can’t then re-read all of our stuff and email Lee. If you can then stop thinking about it. If you are ready and available then your dream man will be coming through the door once traffic clears up.

9. Be the best woman you can be.

Everything else can be boiled down to this one rule. You just continue to be our awesome self and everything else will happen as God wills. This is simultaneously the simplest and hardest of the rules.

10. See yourself as he sees you.

Rule 10 is the big one. This is more than just finding someone to love. This is the nature of true love. Unless you live in a convent, there are men in your life. Unless you are a hermit, there are people in your life. And these people want to be around you. They have chosen you. See yourself as they see you. When Mr. Right comes walking through the door, see yourself through his eyes. Drink in how he loves those extra ten pounds that you hate. How he thinks that the way you snort when you laugh is cute.

If ‘being the best woman that you can be’ is summation of the rules then ‘seeing yourself as he sees you is the goal’. You see, the big lesson here is to love yourself. Enjoy yourself. Dance with yourself. When you do that, someone will want to cut in. Trust us.


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