10 Ways To Get A Man, Numbers 4 To 7

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Life is too short to not have what you want. This is why CoupleDumb is sharing THE 10 WAYS TO GET A MAN! This list was found on stone tablets not too far from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the next cave over from the original blueprints to the ancient Thigh Master.

THE 10 WAYS TO GET A MAN! (#4-7)

4. Sweet like sugar is not bad, even for diabetics

Did your Mom ever tell you that you get more flies with honey instead of vinegar? Why do people find it hard to say nice things to each other? The job of a partner in a relationship is to support and the easiest way to support is to say nice things. No one is saying to lie. We are saying that complimenting him on things can go a very long way. Don’t be fooled. Men have shitty self esteem as well. Having a woman him that he is awesome is better than steroids.

5. Are your legs sturdy?

Men love women who can show their sensitive sides. However, men adore women who do not need to lean of a man for everything. You can hardly be in a relationship when you have no life yourself and the idea of hitching your wagon onto a man and making him hold you up is long past. Interdependency is the way to go. Two independent people who choose to be together and can depend on one another for love and support are awesome! If you need a piggyback ride to get around the house, you are not ready for any of this wisdom.

6. Is that your flock?

One of the top 5 reasons people break up is a direct result of family and friends meddling in their relationship. If you have poor boundaries with family and friends and they feel they can interfere in your relationship on your behalf then we hope you really love these people because you won’t be in a relationship for long.

7. Possession is 9/10th of the law

This one is complicated. This one deals with passiveness of things and people. If you can’t let go of things you probably can’t let go of people. Being attached to things in your life is unhealthy. Why? Because you are investing your energy in something that cannot and will never validate your existence.  Some people operate as if their things in some way define them. If you are this kind of person, if you are possessed by your possessions, what room do you have for a relationship?

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