10 Lessons To Learn Before Going To College (Part 3)

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We are down to the last three super important things we need to teach our daughter before she goes to college. There are so many more but we hope we have covered the bases with the ones we’ve listed. Of course we can always email her with more nuggets of wisdom. Or Skype. Or drive 17 hours and go see her. Or fly out to Colorado. Or ….

3. Always know your balance.

This goes both for emotional and fiscal things.  We know you will be really busy with classes and animals and friends and just getting to know your surroundings but always have a running account of how much money you have. Also, remember too much of a good thing will usually mess with your balance. A simple rule of thumb is to check your account before you go out and always schedule at least one day a week where you sleep and recoup. Also, try to minimize friends who tax both your time and money. No one needs friends like that. One time mooching is not an issue. If it is a pattern, scrape them off.

2. Never be a victim.

As we get older, we tend to fall into a victim pattern. Society is full of victims and they receive 99% of the attention. Buck the system and shift the consciousness! Take responsibility for what you create. This makes it so important to focus on what you want out of life. With your eye on the prize you will make responsible decisions and avoid the slippery slope of victimhood. This really will mess with the world view that someone like you should be dependent on people. Prove them wrong as you have time and again. Also, will it kill you to ask for help every now and then? Asking for help is not a sign of victimhood but not asking is. People who think they can do everything alone usually end up in the middle of a big mess blaming the world. Ask for help. Work in a group. Be responsible.

1. You can always come home.

When you came into our lives 18 years ago, we knew that we were merely renting time. Ultimately, this was your life to live and that we were there to support and love you in every way we could. Now, we are on borrowed time. Please know you will always have a home with us. Your dragons and silly things that didn’t make it to the dorm are here. If you ever want to see them again, you need to come home. That’s how it works. Also, all care packages will be sent with the proviso that you owe visiting time for it. Wait, we’re going off topic.

With all the things that have happened in the last week we need you to know something and we do not want any confusion or misunderstanding: No matter what you do or say, we are always there for you. We love you unconditionally. We are very proud of you. We wish these allergies were not so disabling….damn, sniff, sniff….

Now go take on the world and for a printed and laminated copy of the list, please check your back pack.

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