10 Lessons To Learn Before Going To College (Part 2)

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As we mentioned yesterday, our daughter is going to college in a few weeks. We are trying to share all of our amazing wisdom before she goes. Unfortunately, due to horrible allergies and the tendency to only be able to speak to her through the sniffles, wailing and gnashing (caused by allergies and not by crying because we’re tough parents and emotions are for wimps) we need to write everything down. Today we share numbers 7-4.

7. The wonderful world of underwear.

Your underwear will determine your actions. If you are going on a date, wear nasty underwear. This will make you think twice before you take off your clothes. Consider it an insurance policy. When you wear sexy underwear you tend to want to show them off so leave those at home and wear your period panties! Also, if the elastic starts going on your underwear, toss them. You can’t fix them and they will only get worse. This is also a good way of looking at relationships. If the fit is off, break up. You can’t fix a bad fit.

6. Be fearless!

When you are in college you will have the opportunity to do many things that you may never get a chance to do in your life. Be fearless, do them! Spending a year abroad is an opportunity only afforded college students or basketball players. Since you have not even cleared 5 feet, I think a year abroad would be awesome!

5. Stick to a schedule.

When college life gets going it is best to come up with a schedule and stick to it. Get things done during the week so you can rest and play on the weekends. The worst thing you can do is to wait until Sunday night to do everything because that it what everybody else will do. You won’t be able to wash your clothes because there will be a line of smelly people waiting to wash their clothes and you will not have the energy or wherewithal to write a paper or do your homework for all of your classes. Trust me when I say that all nighters are not fun and especially when you have class in a few hours.

4. It may look bleak but it will change.

I know that it seems really important now or he was so great or you really wanted it. Whatever it is, it was not meant to be. Please know your parents only want what is in your highest good. Sometimes, we have no idea what that will look like. Sometimes it totally sucks! However, in the long run, it always turns out great. Be patient. Look for the positive. While we are on this topic, avoid negative people. Pretend they have a flesh eating virus and run from them. Metaphorically they do but it is really soul eating. These people will ultimately drag you down. Negativity is an anchor and cynicism is the chain. You don’t need that. Hope is a lot more fun and it is only thinking that way that you can create possibilities for yourself. That smile of yours would be wasted on a negative person.

Come back tomorrow for the last three. Well, the last three we will write about this week. We have a whole mess of pearls to share.

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