Celebrity Smackdown: Tom Cruise and Scientology

It’s Wednesday and if you know CoupleDumb, we need to do a smackdown! But, who do we smackdown during therapy week? Would we smack Freud? Hell no! Sigmund Freud is the forefather of modern psychology and, despite the obvious chauvinistic qualities to his theories, his developmental stages still hold true and were the model for further theories. So we had to scourge the world for an appropriate target. Who out there has disparaged the practice of psychology? Who has dismissed dysfunction and diagnoses as quackery? Who, in a very glib fashion, stated that psychiatry in general is destructive and abusive? If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years you know we are talking about Scientology’s boy-toy Tom Cruise. You’re wondering, ‘Hey guys aren’t you afraid they are going to sue you and harass you and have a dingo steal your baby?’ CoupleDumb does not back down and our answer to that is ‘Bring it ON!’

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Kids and why you can’t kill them.

We’re talking therapy this week and nothing makes a person seek out therapy like children. Having a child tests everything you hold as dear. Kids are not easy but like all things that test you, the reward is great. So today we finally explain why Tuesdays are titled ‘Kids and why you can’t kill them’. The obvious reason is that murder is illegal but there are so many other reasons to keep those little buggers alive.

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Everyone needs a brain enema

Good Monday all! We just finished a weekend therapy tune up and are tired today. We still have much to do and we figure we’ll be in therapy in some way for the rest of our lives. This Thursday, we will going LIVE on the Blog Talk Radio and doing a special Father’s Day edition of CoupleDumb. We have some cool guys coming to be on our show and a very special one calling in. If you have any Daddy issues, give us a call on Thursday. Have we mentioned before that we think people should work out their emotional issues? We think so but just in case, here is a whole post about it.

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